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June 11, 2009


Suzanne Anderson-Hurdle

Great presentation today, Ian. I really enjoyed the sharing you did and the practical example of contemplative prayer.

May God bless your trip home and your continued ministry.


Ian, I'm praising the Lord for the wisdom you shared yesterday. How might we get a hold of your music?

Cindy Ford

Thank you so much for your presentation on the "Contemplative Artist". I have considered myself this but never really acquired any information on the subject. I truly appreciate your insight. The chant was great, too! I would love our music director to hear your "Postcards from the Other Side." Is it available anywhere?
I am about half way through "Chasing Francis", great job!

Ian Cron

Hi Cindy, Thanks for the kind words. I am hoping that my music will be available on itunes in the next few months. Keep checking it!

Charles Johnson

Thank you so much for your presentation on the Contemplative Way. I come from a strict, fundamental Baptist background, so these concepts are quite new to me. A few months back I had some exposure to Christian meditation and the use of imagination in prayer. The experience has been wonderfully freeing. I look forward to digging further into these ancient practices. Thanks again!

Ian Cron

Charles, that's wonderful. Check out some of the resources I posted above. Hopefully they will be helpful to you on your journey!

Anton Nel

I cannot find words to express how much I enjoyed your lecture at the Arts Conference. Afterwards I bought a copy of your book and was hooked from the first chapter. I went back the next day and bought another 6 copies for the worship staff I work with. We now have wonderful conversations as they are working their way through the book. Thank you so much Ian - I'll keep checking ITunes for the two songs you sang.

Ian Cron

Thanks Anton. It was great to be out at Willow. All the best to you and your worship staff!

deb d

All these weeks later, I write to thank you for your presentation at Willow. I was quite undone by the Holy Spirit that day and as a fellow contemplative and songwriter, I was deeply touched by your song about your brother. I didn't know whether to go talk to you after or go find my husband. I chose to go find my husband to share what was going on in my heart. The Lord was kind, however, and allowed me an encounter with you as you were leaving. If you remember someone talking to you in the parking lot, I am that person. Thanks for the hug, both literally and figuratively!

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