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January 12, 2009


Sarah Williams

Wow. It would be great if we could get copies/DVD's at church next week

Michael Cusick

Ian, I saw this and was deeply moved. Saw the cut of Rob at the keys when Stevie and Usher were playing. Wept when U2 was on stage: "Blessings not just for those who kneel...luckily." Bono.

marie bruse

Hello CRON,my old old grandfather in sweden, unnaryd, was born in bottnaryd 1823,,his name was Carl Crone, maby emigrants from USA...his wife Johanna Johansdotter...

Marie Bruse in Uppsala Sweden...;)...

Barbaraa Fuhrwerk

Please, please PLEASE compile all the music you did for The Emerging Church conference and advertise on the CAC web-site or The Emerging Church. A whole lot of the attendees would love having a cd of it.

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