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August 26, 2007



Good stuff! Welcome to the blogosphere.

Check it out (on blogging):


...welcome, my friend, welcome to blogland!

...of all people, extra glad you have joined the 21st century and look forward to your creative and random thoughts.

...sincerely grateful for the relaunch!!!


I loved the book the first time around, Ian. Looking forward to making this blog a regular read.

Claudia Mair

Yay!!!! It's a wonderful novel, full of information and inspiration all wrapped in a great story. I loved it. Asked Terry Behimer to introduce us, but we were never able to make that happen.

Congratulations on this.
claudia mair burney

Claudia Mair

Yay!!!! It's a wonderful novel, full of information and inspiration all wrapped in a great story. I loved it. Asked Terry Behimer to introduce us, but we were never able to make that happen.

Congratulations on this.
claudia mair burney

Ian Morgan Cron

Hi Claudia

Thanks a million for the kind words. I'm sorry Terry Behimer never introduced us. I see you are with my editor/friend Dave Lambert at Howard/S&S. He's a great guy!


I have just finished Chasing Francis.
This book has actually caused me to weep.
I am so grateful for your sharing it with the world, and for the re-release.
I have recommended it to several people as of late and am sure they will also recommend...etc.
Would love to see more from you
His Peace.

Bob McKinney

Chasing Francis is my favorite book of 2007. I have read it through twice, have purchased about ten copies that I have given away and have recommended it over and over. Through Chase and his experiences, you expressed things I have felt for years. The book was no less than life changing for me and I appreciate it more than I could ever say. Thanks.

Jim Marvin

I have known you Ian as a young man. Of all my memories, yours sparks some of the most fondness. Since as early as the seventh grade you've been a heart of passion and focus. I can't wait until it gets here. I want to read my friend's book. Be well. From Denver, Jim.

Mary Allen

Dear Mr Cron,
I picked up a copy of Chasing Francis and bought it on impulse. I am a member of the Anglican Society of St Francis in South Africa, and we try to live our live in the way of St Francis. You have really shown how it can be done. But what a challenge - as our lives following Christ should be. Ouch, but wow!
I managed to get a copy for my sister who passed it to her parish minister, who is overjoyed with it. He promptly got the last one from their local bookshop.
I did a similar thing, and now our assistant priest won't give me back my copy until she has read it for the 3rd time. Our minister loved it.
Please please make sure that LOTS of copies are sent to South Africa. Pax et bonum, Mary tssf

Brenda Hallowes

Dear Mr Cron,
I bought your book and read it in one day. It is so inspirational and reminded me of the reason I became a member of the Third Order in South Africa. Having a vision for reaching out to the poor is important but even more important is the dignity of every human life.
Thank you for the reminder.
Brenda tssf


This book is confusing to people who are led to dig for the truth of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. After a good beginning, it was a disappointment to me. It has also put me in a difficult position with a good friend of mine who is asking questions about the Catholic Church, specifically, why she can't take communion at Mass. She is being told the orthodox Catholic answer by me, but she's getting a different answer from the book. Even Saint Francis was loyal to the Magisterium. The first thing he did after being convinced by the Holy Spirit he should start his order was to go to the Holy Father for permission and encouragement.

Larry L

A friend of mine in Parker, CO recommended your book to me before Christmas. I am about halfway through the book...can't wait to seewhat kind of relationship develops between Maggie and Chase (if any). She is fresh and refreshing--not too religious and new enough in the faith to believe that God means what he says...hmmm...wish to have a little of her spunk and vision.
I'd rate your book up there with The Great Divorce and The Shack, to name a few of my favorites.

Larry L

Finished--superb read! I was chatting with my wife and thought Maggie was reminiscent of Mary Magdalene. Is there any truth to that?


Many thanks for your book - I am recommending it to all my friends and rereading it for the third time! It is encouraging and challenging at the same time. Hope the reprint does well.

Christine Fekete

I am a wife, mother and businesswoman in the midst of a crisis of faith. A friend recommended this book. We attend a mainly white upper crust and out of touch church. When the pastor has marital problems, he and his wife can hop a plane for face to face time with top counselors/ authors, or take retreats around the world. Sure enough, when the pastor in this novel has a crisis of faith, he can hop a plane to Italy for his pilgrimage. How nice. I can't relate. How are those of us that feel trapped, and have no financial means supposed to relate to this? I would LOVE to escape the chaos of my life to retreat and regroup. Put me in a posh Italian hotel room. I'm pressing through this novel for my friends book group- but right now, it is just fueling my anger.


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